Business Location Schleswig-Holstein

Christian Kirk


Schleswig-Holstein is justifiably called the “state between the seas”. It connects Germany with Denmark – and thus, with Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. In this respect, the ports of Kiel and Lübeck play as big a role as the busiest canal in the world – the Kiel Canal. The state counts a total of 46 public harbours and anchorages.

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Peter Harry Carstensen


As a state between two oceans and with fruit­­ful ground, ship build­­ing and agriculture add towards its na­­tural competencies. Further­­more, the struc­­tural transformation has brought forward further efficient clusters, which today mark the attractive profile of the state.

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Dr. Bernd Bösche

Growth through innovation –
Schleswig-Holstein’s hidden champions

The backbone of Schleswig-Holstein’s economy are its around 115,000 small and medium companies. The middle class is the most important work provider for the state. It comprises 90 per cent of company education and is the engine for new products and techno­lo­gies.

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Bayer Industriepark Brunsbüttel

Bayer Industrial Park Brunsbüttel –
Success by synergy

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Bundesagentur für Arbeit Regionaldirektion Nord

You search, we find –
Personnel services for companies

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Dr. Gerd-Rüdiger Steffen

Investing in the future –
High-tech start-ups in Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein is still usually associated with shipbuilding, agriculture and tourism. And a good thing, too, for those economic sectors have characterized the “state between the seas” for many decades and continue to hold promising development and growth potentials – just think of the booming wellness tourism.

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Rainer Bock

The backbone of the economy –
Schleswig-Holstein's mid-sized businesses

A clear indication of the efforts made regarding the bundling of strengths, precisely in this field, is the chamber of industry and trade (IHK) in Kiel’s decisively initiated founding of the Maritime Cluster, whose target it is to further expand and enforce economic growth.

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TimePartner Holding GmbH

Flexibility as a company value

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Prof. Dr. Peter M. Herzig

IFM-GEOMAR – Den Ozean verstehen
heißt die Zukunft gestalten

We know more about the dark side of the moon than we do about the ocean deeps. Al­­though we know the dimensions of the oceans and their coastlines, and that about 71 per cent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, much of what lies below the water’s surface remains a mystery. The morphology of the ocean floor is, in many areas, as little known as its composition, or the life-forms and resources hidden in the ocean depths.

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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fouquet

University of Kiel ­– An innovative
environment and outstanding research

Being a state university, the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU) holds a special position: on the one hand, it offers a broad spectrum of subjects allowing school graduates to study within the state and thus encourages quali­­fied academic youngsters towards the at­­trac­­tive location of Schleswig-Holstein.

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Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Diversity, excellence, networks –
Kiel University sets standards

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Nordeuropäisches Radioonkologisches Centrum Kiel (NRoCK)

Medical research and treatment
at its best standard

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Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein

Medical research and treatment
at its best standard

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Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer

Life science in the North on course for success

Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein are home to the cluster Life Science Nord. It closely interlinks the medical, medical engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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Jutta Hartwieg

Healthy people, healthy economy

In the Segeberg administrative district, numerous out-patient, in-patient and semi-out-patient service providers of the medical industry have associated under the brand “Gesundheitsregion” (health region). In an interview with health manager Katharina Silies, Bad Segeberg district administrator Jutta Hartwieg explains the strengths of the Southern Holstein health economy.

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Life in motion –
For health with a future

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AMEOS Einrichtungen Holstein

Creation of a win-win situation
with the right strategy

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Lutz Koopmann

Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB)
as partner of the regional economy

Schleswig-Holstein is not just a state for wellness and recreation, but above all an economic and technology location with above-average location conditions. The con­­vincing mix of different factors provides Schleswig-Holstein with an un­­mis­­ta­­kable profile in the competition of glo­­bal locations.

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Roy Kühnast

Logistics location of Schleswig-Holstein –
Hub in the Baltic Sea region

Schleswig-Holstein features an outstanding geographic location: 15,000 square kilometres embedded between the North and Baltic Seas. The northernmost federal state borders on Denmark in the north and on the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the south.

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Nina Prigge, Sören Mohr

IT in Schleswig-Holstein – A field is formed

Whether at the North Frisian coast or in the county’s cities, where internet use is concerned, the people of Schles­­wig-Holstein are positioned right at the front. A good 70 per cent of the popu­la­­tion in the time being makes use of the virtual net.

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Consist Software Solutions GmbH

Consist Software Solutions –
IT solutions across Europe

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Jochen Brüggen, Dr. Carsten Mahn

Well-connected – foodRegio,
the food industry’s successful cluster

North Sea crabs, cottage ham, Lü­­be­­cker marzipan and “Rote Grütze” (red ber­­ry sauce) are just some of Schles­wig-Holstein’s specialities that find their enthusiasts through supermarket shelves around the world.

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Dr. Lüder Hogrefe

Maritime economy –
Innovation by tradition,
in the land between the seas

Towards the beginning of the 20th cen­tury, the conquest of the Artic continent was of prime interest for research. The first Polar Conference took place in Vienna and a student of art history, to the name of Hermann Anschütz-Kämpfe, listened in fascination to reports over the tribulation of the expeditions – how sailing ships should come as close to the geographical North Pole as possible through the pack ice.

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Airbus Deutschland GmbH

Dual graduate studies
theory and practice

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Fossil energy –
Efficient and up-to-date

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Per Hornung Pedersen

World-class wind power
developed in Schleswig-Holstein

There is no doubt that wind power has long become a global business. Even countries that no one had expected ever to bet on renewable energies – for ex­­ample, China or the United States – have recognized the sign of the times and, as of late, have been massively pushing the expansion of wind power.

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Hans-Jakob Tiessen

The future requires energy

For the population of Schleswig-Holstein, the operation of medium- and low-voltage power grids as well as natural gas grids must be reliable, efficient and safe. The operators of such systems, such as Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG (a subsidiary of E.ON Hanse AG), are well aware of this: The future requires energy – and we require grids that are fit for the future.

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E.ON Hanse AG

Safe and efficient electricity
and natural gas networks for the North

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Hobby – The perfect start
to the mobile holiday world

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Torsten Albig

Kieler Woche –
The biggest sailing event in the world

Kieler Woche is a mirror image of its city’s development: In the beginning, Kiel­­­er Woche was a small, elegant event where marine officials competed against one another in a sailing regatta of 20 boats on the Kiel Fjord.

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Moritz Luft

Holiday destination Sylt –
Sea. Passion. Life.

For many people, Stylt represents myth, cult and legend. Numerous tales surround Germany’s beloved holiday is­­land, and the fact that there is always more to discover greatly adds to its fas­­cination.

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Location at a glance

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